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  I am in the process of recording what I'm considering to be, at this point in time at least, a kind of master work for my solo material-- a huge undertaking where I'm playing just about everything I can play (90 tracks!) and wrapping it into a concept that I've temporarily dubbed a 'shortplay' album, entitled "Presence".

  The concept caters to the fact that as listeners in the digital age, our attention spans are shortening, and to really make the best of a style that is inherently composed in album format, it's advantageous to condense an album's development into a large, single piece that is, in this case, presented almost like a suite. Presence has three clear cut "movements" that perpetuate the development of musical and lyrical themes so that the work can be perceived as a single "song"; a ten minute CHUNKER.

  I'm very excited to share it with everyone, as I've had an incredible time writing, recording, and collaborating on it with the amazing Steve Brown, my engineer and producer at Subcat Studios. We've had tons of fun creating this music and are looking forward to getting it out there. Please stay updated with me as the project grows and the time for release becomes clearer- I have surprises. ;)

- A young, local music industry professional with diverse experiences in the live entertainment sphere.

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